ABCs of Web development

ABCs of Web development

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a beginner's guide into the world of web development.

"Whether you want to uncover the secrets of the universe, or you want to pursue a career in the 21st century, basic computer programming is an essential skill to learn " ~ Stephen Hawking

Hey there! Gracetoffy here, we all know the world is developing rapidly and tech-related skills are in high demand. Web development is one of the easiest and most basic forms of computer programming and in this article, I will discuss the basic concept of web development.


Well, web development is simply the work and processes needed to create, design and properly maintain a website. Web development can be divided into two main stages/sections, namely:


    This involves creating, designing, and maintaining the front-end side of the website(ie the part of the website that users can view and interact with ). Front-end developers make use of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to achieve this.

    Below is a typical example of the front-end side of a webpage :

    front-end sample

    -HTML[Hyper Text Markup Language]: this is every webpage's basic structure and skeleton.

    - CSS[Cascading Style Sheets]: this is used in styling and beautifying the web page's layout.

    -JS[JavaScript]: This adds functionality and makes a webpage interactive.


    This involves the building and maintenance of the back-end side of a website(ie databases, data storage, and other server-side functions that users cannot see). Back-end developers use languages like PHP(Hypertext- Preprocessor), JavaScript[nodeJS], Ruby, Python, etc to achieve this.

    The image below shows xxamp, a cross-platform web server package, in action

    How to Install XAMPP on Windows 10 - A Detailed Tutorial

    The concept of web development is fascinating, fun, and easy to learn. We now know the roles and importance of the front-end and back-end in properly functioning any website. Bye, for now :)